The experience of italian master craftsmanship in Carrie precious handbags

Carrie precious bags are a love letter to feminine elegance, the quintessential symbol of ageless sophistication. An enlightening luxury that resides in the small details of the crystal network that covers the Carrie precious bag. The refinement of the shapes, the workmanship of the crystals and their brightness: that's where elegant style becomes fashionable.

Exclusive precious bags made to be unique pieces of the hightest quality

Designed to glow any outfit, from the most sophisticated to the most casual, the Carrie handbags celebrated a refined and contemporary appeal. Thanks to its crystal network, the Carrie bag flies with light in a continuous dialogue with the look, to frame and illuminate it with every movement. Sweet and audacious at the same time in its shapes, dazzling in its colors shades, the precious Carrie bag is perfect for the whole generations.